Connecting Beechworth

I have the opportunity to work with Quercus Beechworth, and we’re embarking on a community consultation to begin to understand how their community talks and how messages get out across town.  

Do residents feel they're in the loop? If so, how do they currently hear about activities in town? Does an old-fashioned telephone tree still work? Are paper newsletters still the rage, or have we all embraced websites and social media? How would residents be best informed if there were a disaster?

We’re training project volunteers in the art of Kitchen Table Conversations. Those discussions, together with an online survey should provide some useful data for Quercus Beechworth to act on. Stay tuned to see where this project leads. 

Connecting Beechworth is funded by the Into Our Hands community foundationFoundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and Helen MacPherson Smith Trust.

Learn more or be part of the project here.

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